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Bevi Seafood Co. is a neighborhood seafood market and restaurant serving and selling fresh New Orleans seafood daily.  

Best Crawfish Boil EVER

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Notes from Justin and Katherine on owning a business, raising a family, and sharing the traditions and rituals of food in South Louisiana.

Best Crawfish Boil EVER

Katherine LeBlanc

It's sort of like a wedding, but with crawfish. Every host wants to throw the most memorable boil, and every guest has a story about the most memorable boil they've gone to and proceed to compare that boil to yours. We've got you covered.

When people hear Justin's throwing a boil, they come out of the woodwork. People we haven't seen all year cozy up with a six pack and stretchy pants to get as much of the most memorable crawfish (Justin's) as they can. And lucky for them, Justin loves to boil crawfish so the opportunities to gather around the table are plentiful.

Now that we've opened Bevi Seafood Co. we're able to share that awesome crawfish with the world (or with Metairie). We can also make you the host of hosts by throwing the most memorable boil with Bevi Seafood Co. 's high quality, washed & walked, made special by Justin crawfish. From 10-100, we can cater crawfish, sides and more. Give us a call to get your party on the books today.

Didn't know we had the best? You should, just visit our news page.

Justin LeBlanc Crawfish Boil